The Spear of the Nation
Anton Fransch

Anton "Mahomad" Fransch

Anton Fransch

Anton Fransch: 1969 - 1989

Anton Fransch, best known as Mahomad, was born in 1969 in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town.

Fransch was a commander in Umkhonto we Sizwe. He was killed on 17 November 1989 in Cape Town by police and South African Defense Forces for his anti-apartheid activities, after a seven-hour siege in which he defended himself with hand-grenades and a machine gun. His whereabouts had been revealed by Umkhonto we Sizwe fighter Yassir Henry, who claimed that the police had threatened to kill his mother and four-year-old nephew if he did not betray Fransch.

Jakkalsvlei Road in Bonteheuwel is proposed to be named after him as Anton Fransch Road.