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KMVA Current Activities

MKMVA Current Activities


MKMVA Programmes and projects are informed by preservation of its HERITAGE and WELFARE. The heritage of MK is centered around being a POLITICAL ARMY OF THE ANC. MK cadres stayed long in the camps and discussed the complex political problems and solutions of the South African struggle. In this regard, the ANC views MKMVA as its resource for enhancing the quality of membership in the ANC branches through programmes aimed at raising political consciousness and ideological depth. Other programmes such as AMADELAKUFA (VOLUNTEERS FOR FREEDOM) AWARDS which honours those who were prepared to pay the supreme price (death) for the liberation of the people of South Africa also assist in developing the spirit of volunteerism amongst the youth. What follows are tasks for MKMVA Political Education and Welfare.

Political Education

As the 2016 Local Government Elections are approaching, the MKMVA has a responsibility to revive the ANC branches such that they become active not only in campaigning for the ANC to win most wards, but also:

  • Encourage discussion of all issues affecting their local communities. In this instance MKMVA must be promoting and inculcating a sense of civic duties among its members and their communities. In essence, this means teaching our people that their rights go with responsibilities. This must be replicated at zonal, regional, provincial and national level.
  • All MKMVA cadres must be familiar with the recommendations of the National Development Plan (NDP) and must therefore be at the forefront of implementation of the NDP.
  • Within the context of fighting crime, all MKMVA members must play a leading role in encouraging interactions between communities, South African Police Services (SAPS) and Community Safety Forums (CSFs). Formation of Street Committees is invaluable in the monitoring of criminal activities in their communities and reporting these to the SAPS as soon as possible.
  • All MKMVA cadres must promote active, but responsible citizenship amongst their communities. Our communities must know about their rights and responsibilities so that they live as responsible citizens and respect one another, the laws of RSA, public property and authority of the state. South African citizens must not burn schools, libraries and clinics because they want drinking water. They must engage in discussions with their Local Government Representatives for delivery of clean water without burning structures that the government must re-build.
  • MKMVA members must lead and participate in campaigns against all forms of violence. Where there is violence, they must encourage members of our communities to report (any acts of violence) this to the SAPS
  • All MKMVA cadres must promote and protect the values of the Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic Act (103) of 1966 that derives its values from the Freedom Charter adopted by the Congress of the People in Kliptown, Johannesburg, on 26 June 1955.
  • Wherever possible, all MKMVA cadres must protect and promote the unity of the strategic alliance of the ANC, SACP, COSATU and SANCO. This strategic alliance was forged through decades of solidarity in the trenches of the struggle for a united, democratic, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa.
  • ALL MKMVA members must protect the ANC and its alliance partners against senseless attacks from all forces that aim at derailing the democracy and the unity of our people. The democracy that we enjoy today is result of sacrifices made during our struggle against apartheid, hence the slogan: OUR FREEDOM WAS NOT FREE!
  • MKMVA cadres must lead the campaigns to de-racialise South Africa and encourage the social cohesion that leads to enjoying the benefits of development equally. This requires the building of ANC branches that encourage cohesive communities.
  • MKMVA cadres must ensure that public representatives (local; provincial; and national) serve the public and our communities with respect, humility, selflessness, honesty and dignity. They must also be self-critical, open to criticism and responsive to their communities. In essence, MKMVA must promote the Batho Pele Principles.
  • MKMVA must engage in campaigns against HIV/AID and TB.
  • MKMVA must encourage our people to participate in healthy lifestyles campaign and take responsibility for living longer and healthier lives - regular exercise is important!
  • On an international arena, MKMVA must continue taking part in solidarity campaigns on Palestine; Western Sahara; and Cuba. And must also continue to celebrate Africa Day on 25 May and promote African Agenda of economic and political integration.
  • MKMVA must support the ANC in its campaign for reforms of the United Nations Security Council and the IMF and World Bank on principles of equity and fairness.
  • MKMVA must campaign for ECONOMIC FREEDOM because we know that political freedom without economic emancipation is incomplete. It is MKMVA and not the so-called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) that must lead this campaign within the ANC and South Africa at large.

Outstanding Tasks

The President`s Five Marching Orders

Welfare Benefits

MKMVA must continue to support Department of Military Veterans in its endeavours to deliver the welfare benefits of military veterans as prescribed by the Military Veterans Act (No. 18) of 2011. MKMVA must lead the campaign to amend the Act where it falls short in this regard. Essentially, this must list issues/welfare benefits that are not covered by the Act. The modus operandi would be to organize lekgotlas where the Act is scrutinized with assistance of comrades who are qualified jurists, where possible.