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Main Tasks of MKMVA

Main Tasks of MKMVA

In the 2nd NEC Meeting of the NEC held at Boyesens Hotel, Johannesburg, we resolved to focus on three tasks for the term of namely: Welfare (including training and employment); Political Education; and Organisational Development. This part of the report focuses on these three areas of work and other developments such as the Gauteng issue and the formation of the new SANMVA as the umbrella body of military veterans as stated in the Military Veterans Act No. 18 of 2011.

AREAS OF WORK: In the 3rd NEC report we noted the following regarding the question of areas of work:




RESPONSIBLE: Provincial Secretaries; Cde. Masechaba MOTLOUNG, Welfare Committee Chairperson; and DMV

  1. DATABASE with each HOUSEHOLD DETAILS OF ALL MKMVA cadres whether ALIVE or Passed on.
  2. WORKSHOPS: Conducting workshops on welfare benefits with DMV in terms of the Military Veterans` Act No 18 of 2011. These are concurrently happening with the issuing of Medical Cards programme to all qualifying Military Veterans in ALL 9 Provinces.
  3. HOUSING: assess what type of a house does the veteran live in. Does the household need a bigger and better house?
  4. EDUCATION & TRAINING: Conduct skills audit and need for what particular skilling or training or education is required by whom in the Veteran`s Household
  5. HEALTH CARE: Does the veterans have Medical Aid Card/Health Card? Does he/she suffer from any chronic illness including HIV/AIDS; TB etc? Access to health care facilities-GOOD or BAD?
  6. COUNSELLING: Does any member of the family need any form of counselling? Who can provide this professional service?
  7. PENSIONS/SOCIAL GRANTS: Does the veteran and family get any pension or social grants they deserve? Is DISABILITY catered for? Is assessment accurate?
  8. EMPLOYMENT: Is the veteran employed? What needs to be done assist the veteran get employment or self-employment?
  9. What improvement/s can be made for uplifting the veteran/s` lifestyle?



  1. Is/are the Province/s ready to deliver on basic Political Education for the ANC and its Alliance Partners?
  2. Is there a vibrant commissariat in the Province/s
  3. Is/are Province/s ready to recruit and train volunteers of MKMVA/ANC whenever there are General or Local Government Elections?
  4. Does the Province or Provinces hold strategic meetings for assessing the balance of forces` and developing counter strategies for dealing with adversaries?


RESPONSIBLE: Provincial Secretaries and ALL sub-committees

  1. Does the Province/s have organisational development strategies to sustain a well-oiled machine to deliver on its mandate? Are any of the members in need of training?
  2. Does the Province/s continue to recruit members for MKMVA & ANC? (Lots of qualifying MKMVA members are still not members of MKMVA/ANC).
  3. Are ALL Constitutional positions occupied by democratically elected members?
  4. Do sub-committees for FINANCE; WELFARE; POLITICAL EDUCATION; WOMEN`S DESK; etc. exist and function well in your Province?