The Spear of the Nation
In memory of Comrade Chris Hani

In memory of Comrade Chris Hani

9 April 2013

It is with honor that the African National Congress will be commemorating together with all our alliance partners, the life and leadership of Chris Hani tomorrow, which marks twenty years since he was assassinated by the right wingers outside his house in Dawn Park. His death robbed us of a legend who embodied the undying resolve to reverse the injustices of the past. His life was of a selfless commitment and dedication for which he paid dearly.

Comrade Chris Hani will remain a source of inspiration to many South Africans and to our cadres in particular. The ideals he lived for are the ideals that inspire us as we relentlessly pursue the struggle for economic emancipation, non- racialism and a better life for all South Africans. Had he been alive today the country would have benefited from his incisive mind in confronting the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality. We are equally convinced that comrade Chris Hani would have not looked the other side as our women are brutalized, raped and dehumanized on almost a daily basis, he would have called on all of us to confront this scourge. As our former Chief of Staff of our glorious Umkhonto Wesizwe, a decorated soldier himself, had he been alive today, Comrade Chis Hani would have praised our soldiers who gallantly gave their lives in the Central African Republic for a peaceful, better and prosperous African continent. We take this moment of remembrance as a moment to rededicate ourselves to the course of a greater commitment to complete the task of realizing the fullness of our liberation.

As a country and a people, we are greatly indebted to his family and kids who have to live with the reality that his life was cut short at a time when we thought national reconciliation would guarantee a safer environment as we were approaching the inevitability of a democratic dispensation. We call on all South Africans as they pay homage to this son of the South African soil to embrace his ideals and to recommit themselves to a South Africa and an Africa all of us would be proud of.

Issue by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson
African National Congress

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