The Spear of the Nation

December 16th – HEROES DAY

Umkhonto we Sizwe was born on 16 December 1961, rekindling the tradition of primary resistance of South Africa's forebears to racist colonialism and land dispossession. It announced its arrival with a series of bomb explosions in the main cities of South Africa and a pamphlet that explained that "there comes a time in the life of every nation where there remains two choices: submit or fight. And that time has come to South Africa. We will hit back by all means within our power in defense of our people, our future and our freedom".


What is Umkhonto we sizwe military veterans association?

The Veterans of Umkhonto We SizweWe the Veterans of Umkhonto We Sizwe (Hereinafter referred to as MK), the former armed wing of the African National Congress:

Having attained national liberation and acknowledging the political freedom that has been achieved in the process, we hereby affirm our commitment to integrating ourselves to the society by empowering ourselves politically, culturally and socio-economically from the position of our liberation.

We affirm that MKMVA derives its existence from the African National Congress and the revolutionary alliance.